Day of the Dead

The tradition of Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico has great importance to our Hispanic families. In Mexico, depending on the region, cultural background and financial ability, around All Souls Day (November 2), families will put together an Ofrenda (Offering) either at the grave site of loved ones or at their homes. An offering is a sort of altar where things like photos, the deceased’s favorite foods, fruits and sweets, and even personal belongings of the person being remembered, are placed there and the family spends some time in prayer for their loved ones.

We have adapted this tradition here at St. Willebrord. Each year, on the last weekend of October, our Spanish faith formation 5th graders decorate two special “grave sites” in our gathering space. One site is meant to remember everyone who has died in the past year. The other is to remember anyone who has died in the past.


At a special “Dia de Los Muertos” Mass on the weekend closest to November 2, the names of recently deceased family and friends close to our Hispanic families are read, and the Mass is dedicated to their memory.