Good Friday / Living Way of the Cross

On Good Friday, our Spanish speaking community has a Living Way of the Cross, rather than the traditional Good Friday service. It takes place at 6:00pm, beginning in our back parking lot.viacrusis_e

The stations of the cross are posted around our entire city block. Dressed in period costumes, a group of our parishoners recreate Jesus march to Calvary. At each station, the group acts out the scene, followed by music. The crowd works its way around the city block, ending with Jesus being hung on a cross in the sanctuary of the church.

Due to the very large crowds (up to 1000 people or more), we use a large speaker system and microphones so everyone can be a part of the entire re-enactment. When Jesus heads into church, the people follow, with overflow seating in our parish hall. Due to our camera system, we are able to project the scene into the hall so everyone can see.

ENGLISH SERVICE: is at 12:00 noon, and is a traditional Good Friday Service