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Mission Statement

Proclaiming the Word of God and service to all persons is the heart of the mission of St. Willebrord Parish. With our efforts, we hope to develop the faith and activity of our own membership, to witness to and foster the message of Jesus to all who come to us, and to share our gifts and talents with everyone.

Homelessness Awareness

      This past week another man died who had been homeless. Jeffrey “Elmo” Jones, 57, had been living with and fighting cancer. He was here at the parish many days in front of the Pieta statue and candles. He used a walker and had an obvious tumor that formed a large lump on his neck. He was one of the most gentle and kind people that I met. During the winter months he stayed at St. John the Evangelist Homeless Shelter (SJEHS) which must close at the end of April. He died peacefully in the hospital on July 30th. There will be a memorial service at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 9th at St. John the Evangelist. May Jeffrey, “Elmo,” rest in peace!

      Homelessness remains a problem even in the summer months. While it may be a little easier to live outside during the warmer months, staying dry and out of the wind is a challenge. Also, there are the dangers of violence and aggression among those who struggle with addiction and mental illness which do not end. Thankfully, there are more services available after the emergency shelter closes. SJEHS offers summer drop-in services each Tuesday for past guests of the shelter. Open from 8:30am-2:30pm, the following services are available to past guests: Case Management; Clothing; Hygiene Products; Laundry Services; Mail; Meals (Continental Breakfast and Hot Lunch); Service Provider availability; and Showers. Check with the shelter to see if they have need for donations. 

      Additionally, the Micah Center offers daytime services and information to those in need. Located at 700 E. Walnut Street, the Micah Center is a year round, daytime resource center for adult men and women experiencing homelessness or at-risk for homelessness in the Green Bay community. The resource center is open Monday-Friday.

      Lastly, continue to pray for those who are trying to stay on the path of recovery from addiction. Such recovery requires a lifetime of vigilance. Those who have not yet admitted to their addiction, nor begun the journey of recovery need our prayers, too. St. Maximillian Kolbe, pray for them (Maximillian Kolbe is patron saint of the addicted. His Memorial Day is August 14).

 Peace, Fr. Andy