Parish Council

This group meets the second Monday of each month, September through June (except during the month of December), at 6:00pm in the parish center.  The parish Annual Meeting is the second Monday in January.

They are the governing body of the parish, consultative to the pastor, whose purpose is four-fold:

  • Listen to and respond to the Spirit of God – prayerfully considering what the Spirit of God is calling the parish to be and become.
  • Organize lay participation and cooperation – working with the committees and staff
  • Facilitate shared practical wisdom – utilizing their skills along with the pastor’s to meet the concerns and needs of all parish members
  • Do parish planning – including assessment of needs, and establishing parish goals and priorities.


A Representative Council

St Willebrord has a representative council, in that its membership includes 4 members chosen in an at-large capacity, 5 members representing Worship, Christian Formation (the educational areas), Community Services (the outreach areas), Administrative Services, and Hispanic Ministries.  Also on the council are the two elected trustees.  Fr Andy, as pastor, is a full participant in the council as well.  The business administrator, Cruz Delia Hernandez, attends council meetings to give a financial report and as a resource to the council.


Each spring our bulletin will announce which positions on the parish council are up for selection.  Parishioners who are interested in learning more about any of the positions are urged to talk with any of the current council members, or contact Fr. Andy directly.


By Wisconsin state law our parish trustees must be chosen through the election process.  That election occurs on the last weekend of April.  The other council members are chosen through the selection process.  Those interested in the position submit their names, and at the 9:00 Mass on the first Sunday in May, Fr Andy draws a name from the interested candidates to determine that council representative.  To become a member of the council you must be a member of the parish who is at least 18 years of age.  Because council members are involved in the long-term decision making on behalf of the parish, knowledge of and involvement in parish activities is recommended.


All parish members are welcome to attend the council meetings.

St Willebrord Parish Council members for the 2016-2017 fiscal year are as follows:


Veronica Cortes



Rita LeGros

Vice President


Jim Barszcz

Parish Lay Secretary Trustee


Pat Riley

Parish Lay Treasurer Trustee


Rudy Hernandez

Christian Formation/Youth Ministry Representative


Bob Nooker

Community Services Representative


Chris Renier

Administrative Representative


Judy Maricque

Worship Representative, Secretary


Cruz Delia Hernandez

Parish Staff Representative


Fr. Andy Cribben