Finance Council

The function of a finance council is as follows:

  • To analyze the quarterly financial statements, as well as year-end reports
  • To monitor the expenses incurred by the parish
  • To make recommendations to the parish council about the annual budget
  • To monitor the investments of the parish, to oversee the endowment fund
  • Be involved in any promotions for the fund, as well as any expenditures from it
  • To make recommendations on any financial stewardship communications

St Willebrord finance council is made up of seven members of the parish who have some expertise in finance areas. Five of the members are on terms appointed by the pastor and the other two are the elected trustees of the parish.


The finance council meets every quarter, during the first month of each calendar quarter – except for the third quarter of the year when the meeting occurs when the annual audit is completed by St Norbert Abbey. They may also schedule additional meetings when needed.



James Barszcz

Kitsy Baumgartner

David Brawner

Pat Riley

Fr Andy Cribben, O. Praem.

Cruz Delia Hernandez

Mark M Naze