Liturgical Ministers

The many Eucharistic Liturgies provided in our parish are enriched by the dedicated help of many of our parishioners who assist as ministers of: Hospitality, Music, the Word, the Altar, and extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist.  We always welcome new volunteers, and provide training and orientation with the team with whom they will be serving.


Minister of the Altar…assists the Presider during Mass: holding the Missal, setting the altar, helping receive the gifts of bread and wine, assisting at Communion time, clearing the altar.

Minister of the Eucharist…assists the Presider at Communion time by offering the Body and Blood of Christ to those receiving Communion. This minister may be offering the consecrated Bread or the Cup at a pre-assigned Communion station.

Each of these ministers would be a member of a team which serves every other weekend, or as part of a pool who serve at our daily Masses.